Some products, such as food or heavyweight industrial machinery, require specialist materials.
Red Rose can produce both standard and bespoke designs using any number of types of card,
plastic and foam, individually or combined:

  • Specialist liners resistant to water, heat, grease, oil or fat, ideal for the meat and agricultural sector, or
    other food packaging
  • Anti–slip materials to prevent slippage and deterioration of packs during loading and transport of pallets
  • Anti–static liners to protect electrical goods
  • Heavy duty corrugated up to 14mm thick for large, heavy transit packs – a viable alternative to wooden crates – and even to wooden pallets
  • Lightweight, hygienic and waterproof, Correx® is an extruded plastic corrugated sheet, ideal for returnable packaging, dust-free pharmaceutical trays and for durable warehouse picking bins
  • Foam protection and anti-static foam linings in composite packs.
We have the knowledge and experience to design the right solution using the right materials,
and to source them at the right price.