Corrugated is often overlooked as a solution for heavy-duty packaging however, it’s an amazingly robust material that offers the perfect sustainable solution.

Working with many clients from industries where components that are heavy, bulky, fragile, or high value need to be shipped our team is skilled at specifying, designing, manufacturing, and delivering the right solution.

To achieve this we consider how the products will be shipped through a variety of transport mediums and what type of journey that looks like – anywhere from a short drive away to making journeys across the globe, our expertise in delivering tailored solutions is endless.

Manufactured using the most resilient board grades our solutions offer the best levels of protection so that products are safe at each step of the process, from lineside packing to final destination unpacking and everything in between.

Complementing outer transit boxes are bespoke designed fittings and dividers to offer added protection keeping products secure, perhaps preventing them from touching each other, or simply eliminating movement within the pack.

For those products that require palletised movement, integrated pallets (pallet boxes) can offer a streamlined and incredibly secure option for customers wishing to streamline operations and maximise the benefits of bespoke heavy-duty packaging. Often more cost effective than metal or wooden alternatives, there is also the added benefit of the entire pack being completely 100% recyclable.

To fully support the packaging process, packs can be delivered in the flat to minimise storage required optimising warehouse requirements and packing efficiencies.

Sharon Garner, Director, Red Rose Packaging commented; “We have a great portfolio of customers who require heavy-duty packaging, and we support them with their individual and often fluid requirements to support their supply chain as effectively as possible.

“When we say that most things are possible, we really do mean it. Perhaps chatting with our experienced sales and design team will unlock the benefits of corrugated for your heavy-duty packaging requirements taking your brand to the next level by providing solutions that are made from at least 85% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.”


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