At Red Rose Packaging we are proud to be a Carbon Neutral company and feel passionate about playing our part in the sustainable future of business.

Sustainability is a big thing and lots of businesses are striving to increase their environmental credentials in several ways.

From finding ways to minimise energy and water usage, to making sustainable purchasing decisions, and switching to electric vehicles where possible, businesses are dedicating whole teams to finding ways to become more sustainable and more responsible.

As a result, businesses that require packaging to support their operations are reviewing what they have and how they can either use a different material or use less of what they already have.

This is where corrugated can become a very valuable asset to packaging purchasers.

Corrugated is hugely versatile and can often be used instead of other packaging materials. Its strength means that it can rival wood, it can be used to create dividers and fittings to remove the need for single use plastic for protection; in addition; it can be printed upon in a variety of ways that can also help with branding and positive customer engagement.

Do you think that we could help you achieve your sustainability goals?

These are two ways we can help.

Existing corrugated users – Even is if you use corrugated already there’s often merit in allowing us to carry out a packaging audit. Our expert designers can often find ways to reduce the amount of material required or can recommend a different type of material that performs just the same but may be more time and cost effective.

New to corrugated –  For those who don’t currently use corrugated we carry out a full packaging audit to ascertain what you currently have and how we could perhaps offer corrugated as a new alternative. Our customers are often surprised at how we can work with them to make a significant impact and reduce the reliance on non or hard to recycle packaging materials.

Sharon Garner, Director, Red Rose Packaging commented; “Corrugated continues to be the packaging material of choice for businesses who wish to elevate their sustainability credentials. Simply drop us an email or pick up the phone and our experienced sales and design team can help you through the process and ascertain what improvements can be made.”

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