Ever wondered why corrugated makes the perfect packaging solution?

Well, here’s ten reasons why!

  • It’s fully recyclable. According to Packaging Online around 84% of all corrugated material is recycled in the UK. That’s why it’s so important to recycle all that delivery packaging in whatever way your local council requests
  • It’s also made from at least 80% recycled material making it incredibly sustainable
  • It has amazing strength and resilience. Who knew that entire tractor engines could be boxed up and shipped across the globe?!
  • It offers incredibly flexible design option – all you need is a great designer and experienced product knowledge, just like we offer at Red Rose Packaging
  • Just about anything can be printed on a box or corrugated packaging solution. Whether it’s an eye catching graphic or simple product information to help with stock and warehouse management our designs encompasses whatever visual aspect you require.
  • It’s sustainable – All of our virgin board fibre comes from carefully managed sources and responsible providers including our sister company, Board24. Indeed all our sites are FSC Certified.
  • It can replace non-recyclable packaging materials very successfully removing materials such as polystyrene, single use plastic, wood, metal and more from packaging streams. It certainly helps to put a massive tick against sustainability and CSR policies of businesses.
  • It offers cost and other efficiencies. Great design ensures efficient use of material and this can deliver improvements in terms of storage costs and transport efficiencies.
  • Customers want packaging solutions that are sustainable and the capabilities of design, material, print and our experience all add up to a solution that delivers tangible benefits
  • And last but not least, whilst it’s not strictly a reason, to show you how versatile it is, there is a holiday home in France made entirely from recycled cardboard! Is this the future?!

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