The term unboxing is not a new one, however the concept remains hugely important to consumers and brands alike.

Referring to the effect that consumers get when opening a delivery or product to access goods, it’s a great phenomenon which has garnered much coverage on social media channels.

From our perspective it’s about getting the packaging on brand, ensuring it’s easy to access the product and that it has a point of difference – perhaps internal print or a clever packaging design.

But what do customers need to consider to create a positive unboxing experience?

  • It’s really important that the brand, logos, key messages, straplines etc are incorporated into the packaging solution. You need your packaging to support your brand to drive association and future or repeat sales.
  • Make the packaging easy to open- the unboxing experience will be diluted if its challenging to get into.
  • Keep additional fittings and dividers to a minimum or at least keep them simple.
  • Ensure all elements of the pack are fully recyclable so that consumers can easily dispose of the pack.


“There are some iconic brands that have got the unboxing experience just right, and we work with our customers to ensure that they reap the same benefits and elevate their brand positioning,” said Sharon Garner, Director, Red Rose Packaging. “Our experienced design team understand the concept perfectly and how to create a solution that is practical, visibly impressive, and delivers expectations that consumers associate and expect with the brand.”

Creating a positive unboxing experience need not be a difficult process especially with a team of packaging professionals at your disposal.

To discover how we could deliver a positive impact for your business simply get in touch with a member of our team.




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