Corrugated board is fast becoming the most preferred packaging material wherever solutions allow.

Sustainable, recyclable, and incredibly versatile, businesses that are looking to increase their sustainability credentials are delighted with the economic and environmental benefits it brings.

Paul Barnes, Design Manager, Red Rose Packaging shares the top three benefits as to why corrugated makes a wise packaging material choice for both the economy and the environment.

1 – Optimisation of transport and shipping costs. Choosing corrugated, which is typically lighter than other packaging materials yet offers a strength and resilience, can help to reduce shipping costs. Well-designed packs remove the shipping of ‘fresh air’ which streamlines the amount of packs per trailer or container thereby delivering cost efficiencies in addition to environmental benefits.

2 – Easy recycling. With established recycling channels already in place for commercial and domestic customers, the ability to easily recycle is advantageous both economically and environmentally. Economically, there is no need to establish other ways of disposal whilst environmentally, there is no excuse not to recycle with ease.

3 – Versatile and flexible. Corrugated brings a versatility to packaging solutions that is not typically found with other materials. This enables customers to tailor solutions, minimising waste, maximising space, and bringing about a number of financial and environmental benefits.

 “I have worked in the corrugated industry for many years and whilst these benefits are not new, they are now what businesses are looking for to support their environmental and social policies to enable them to be responsible businesses who operate in ways that protect both their bottom line and the impact they have on the wider community.

“For anyone, needing to make positive changes to their packaging supply chain, we recommend getting in touch with us, so that we can arrange to carry out a full packaging audit and advise on ways that corrugated can either replace what you have or, simply provide new solutions that bring added value to current corrugated solutions.”

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