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Replacing hard to recycle materials with corrugated

As Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies become more mainstream and more aspirational, businesses across a wide range of industries are seeking new ways of packaging and despatching goods and products to meet the necessary criteria. Many are choosing...

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Five packaging challenges and how we support them

We often meet customers for the first time who are experiencing a range of challenges when it comes to the packaging that they choose and use.
We take a look at the five most common challenges and what we do to solve them.
Making it fit for purpose – The beauty of our packaging is that it is designed specifically to a brief to ensure product is protected, the brand is well represented and that all materials used are 100% recyclable.
Eliminate fresh air – If you ship goods through the supply chain, ‘fresh air’ is costly. In addition, it can be damaging to products. If products have room to move, the risk of damage increases as products can move about inside the packs. Similarly, space within packs is expensive, as fewer products can be shipped, or fewer packs loaded onto a vehicle. By correctly designing packs that eliminate fresh air, customers can reap the benefits.
Choosing the correct board – Using a board grade that is not fit for purpose can be one of the most damaging to product and brand reputation. Choosing the correct board needs experience and knowledge and a clear understanding of every element of the process from packaging assembly to product packing, to storing, shipping, and opening.
Sustainability – An ever-increasing number of companies, businesses, and consumers what to have packaging that is made from sustainable materials and is recyclable. Corrugated or paper-based packaging is the only material that supports both. And, because of the flexibility and versatility of corrugated, when used by experienced, professional designers, hard to recycle or non-recyclable materials can often be replaced by corrugated with complete success.
Product damage – When high levels of product damage are being experienced, it’s often easy to blame the packaging. However, if that packaging has not been correctly designed to support the product within the pack, challenges can arise. To protect your brand reputation, in addition to your product, sourcing the right packaging for all your entire range is essential.
Katie Whitehead, Director, Red Rose Packaging added; “These are just some of the most common challenges that we see, and all are easily tackled by our expert team.
“Perhaps the most over-arching message is that corrugated packaging can bring so many benefits to all elements of business operations, the supply chain and the consumer or customer experience. All you need to achieve this, is a great packaging team to support you.”

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The power of retail packaging

Pretty much everything in a retail situation is packaged in one way another.

From outer transit boxes to move goods through the supply chain, to ecommerce packs to deliver direct to the customer, there are many facets to retail packaging.

More so than ever before, corrugated is playing a huge part in these types of retail packaging. To demonstrate its endless versatility, we take a brief look at some of the ways corrugated is successfully utilised in retail situations.

Transit Packaging

Infinitely robust and designed to withstand the rigours of all types of transport, transit packaging is essential to protect products when moving products through the supply chain. We’ve manufactured these types of boxes for all types of products spanning product types as varied as high-end delicate electrical items to garden furniture.

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

A popular choice often seen in supermarkets, Shelf Ready Packaging allows for easy displaying of product on shelves and easy replenishment. Often, they have tear off sections to allow consumers to access the products in the retail situation.

Free Standing Display Units (FSDU)

This type of packaging is great for promotional campaigns, or simply positioning your product with the consumer in an easy to access way. Often printed with eye-catching print and branding, these units allow consumers to make split second purchase decisions and are great for driving impulse buys, especially if coupled with a hard-to-miss offer. Another type of product that falls into this category is the dump bin which is designed to drive similar impulse buys but displays the product in a less organised way. This is perfect when the product is the same and needs no explanation, for example masking tape in a DIY store.

Countertop Display Units

Ideal for smaller products these types of units often capitalise on the seasonality of products. Designed to be placed on a checkout counter, they drive impulse purchases when customers are paying for goods they have already selected. Good examples of this include seasonal chocolates, sticky tape rolls around Christmas time, or packs of tissues during cold season.


Finally, there is the packaging required to support the huge ecommerce sector and the delivery of product direct to the consumer. Diverse, in that it can be utilised to send anything from luxury jewellery to cumbersome, heavy products, the importance of getting this type of packaging absolutely right is not to be underestimated to ensure the product is protected and arrives with the customer intact and undamaged. Sometimes, depending on the nature of the product, it’s all about creating a customer unboxing experience to garner positive reviews and encourage repeat business or recommendations.

Sharon Garner, Director, Red Rose Packaging commented; “Corrugated packaging supports all elements of the retail sector with practicality, durability and adaptability and we are proud to work with many customers who form part of the retail sector in some way.

“With years of experience in designing and manufacturing superb, corrugated solutions, our team understands how retail works and what is required to support customers in this sector.”

Get in touch with our team by calling 0161 483 4433 or emailing

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Why corrugated is the best packaging material

Simply, and in just one sentence, corrugated board is a paper-based product made by sandwiching layers of paper and fluting together to make different types of board. But delve into this a little deeper and it can be appreciated that it is far from a simple packaging...

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Heavy duty packaging and why corrugated works

Corrugated is often overlooked as a solution for heavy-duty packaging however, it’s an amazingly robust material that offers the perfect sustainable solution.
Working with many clients from industries where components that are heavy, bulky, fragile, or high value need to be shipped our team is skilled at specifying, designing, manufacturing, and delivering the right solution.
To achieve this we consider how the products will be shipped through a variety of transport mediums and what type of journey that looks like – anywhere from a short drive away to making journeys across the globe, our expertise in delivering tailored solutions is endless.
Manufactured using the most resilient board grades our solutions offer the best levels of protection so that products are safe at each step of the process, from lineside packing to final destination unpacking and everything in between.
Complementing outer transit boxes are bespoke designed fittings and dividers to offer added protection keeping products secure, perhaps preventing them from touching each other, or simply eliminating movement within the pack.
For those products that require palletised movement, integrated pallets (pallet boxes) can offer a streamlined and incredibly secure option for customers wishing to streamline operations and maximise the benefits of bespoke heavy-duty packaging. Often more cost effective than metal or wooden alternatives, there is also the added benefit of the entire pack being completely 100% recyclable.
To fully support the packaging process, packs can be delivered in the flat to minimise storage required optimising warehouse requirements and packing efficiencies.
Sharon Garner, Director, Red Rose Packaging commented; “We have a great portfolio of customers who require heavy-duty packaging, and we support them with their individual and often fluid requirements to support their supply chain as effectively as possible.
“When we say that most things are possible, we really do mean it. Perhaps chatting with our experienced sales and design team will unlock the benefits of corrugated for your heavy-duty packaging requirements taking your brand to the next level by providing solutions that are made from at least 85% recycled material and are 100% recyclable.”

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Ten reasons why corrugated is best

We know we are a little biased but corrugated is superb packaging material that gives businesses the ability to have sustainable, robust packaging solutions that are on brand and form part of the customer journey. Here are ten reasons why corrugated should be the...

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