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Ten reasons why corrugated is best

We know we are a little biased but corrugated is superb packaging material that gives businesses the ability to have sustainable, robust packaging solutions that are on brand and form part of the customer journey. Here are ten reasons why corrugated should be the...

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Why consumers love a positive unboxing experience

The term unboxing is not a new one, however the concept remains hugely important to consumers and brands alike. Referring to the effect that consumers get when opening a delivery or product to access goods, it’s a great phenomenon which has garnered much coverage on...

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Promotional packaging and how to get it right

Promotional packaging can be a superb tool in elevating your brand, drawing attention to your products in crowded retail environments and increasing sales. Ideal for ongoing products sales campaigns, or for seasonal or one-off campaigns, packaging can be designed to...

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Business Improvement Academy launched

We are delighted to have launched our Business Improvement Academy designed to invest in our team members as they develop their careers with us.   Representing an excellent opportunity for candidates to gain understanding of change excellence, the programme...

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