You can never underestimate the impact that well designed packaging has on a product, a brand, and a business.

Here are ten things our design team consider when designing to protect and promote


  • How does the product travel through the supply chain?
  • How is it stored?
  • How is it packed?
  • Is the product hazardous or dangerous?
  • Is the product chilled at any time?



  • How do we integrate your brand into your packaging?
  • How do we create a positive unboxing experience for an end user customer?
  • Does the product require packaging for a retail situation?
  • Depending on the product, can we create something unique and a bit of a talking point?
  • How does your product sit against its competitors.


Liz Wootton, sales executive commented; “It’s great working with our customers to really understand their product and what their packaging needs to deliver for them.

“As companies continue to seek out paper based, recyclable packaging solutions we are enjoying showcasing just how versatile corrugated is and just what our design and production teams can do.”


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