Packaging can be a very powerful marketing tool.

Done well, it can drive customers to your brand, elevate brand awareness and increase sales. Done badly, it can have a hugely detrimental effect, damaging reputations and driving customers away.

As partner to some of the most well-known brands in the UK, we understand how important it is to get it right and how packaging must always be intertwined with the sales and marketing strategy of any business.


How does packaging influence businesses?

Businesses buy products for their retail outlets or choose suppliers based on many factors, but product reliability and ease of supply are more often than not, near the top of the agenda.

Packaging supports these two principles in that, when correctly specified, products can be protected from damage, can carry vital product information to aid order picking and storage in warehouses, can allow supermarkets to easily display products on shelves or allow all retail outlets to increase sales through a range of eye-catching retail ready and point of sale packaging.

A comprehensive packaging range is about so much more than just outer transit cases. It’s about a carefully developed strategy to support over arching sales strategies and marketing campaigns.


How does packaging influence consumers?

Consumers are influenced by packaging in a slightly different way, although eye catching point of sale and retail ready solutions also communicate with consumers in a retail setting, hopefully making the marketing campaign a success by driving extra sales!

High quality packaging in a retail situation can subliminally give reassurance to consumers that the products contained within are also of high quality, and can influence buyers who are looking for quality, aesthetically pleasing products.

In an ecommerce scenario, consumers expect products to be delivered in sustainable packaging, for products to arrive intact and undamaged in any way, for the products to be accessed with ease and in some situations, expect to have a positive unboxing experience.

Understanding what the end user expects, and how this impacts on a brand and business, either positively or negatively, is key to finding the right packaging solution. Often, buying an off the shelf, non-specific box simply won’t be enough.


How we support customers to find the right packaging solution

Our years of experience combined with our up-to-date knowledge of all things corrugated places us as a preferred packaging supplier to a wide range of businesses.

From initial consultation, through the design, development, and testing process to understanding the rigours and demands of supply chain operations, our team work together with each customer to create a solution that meets their needs perfectly.

Katie Whitehead, Sales Director, Red Rose Packaging commented; “If packaging is required to ship your product, whether it is through the supply chain or direct to the end user the impact it has should always be considered.

“If products arrive, either in a warehouse, or to a customer as part of ecommerce transaction and they are damaged, negative connotations with that brand or supplier will be established.

“This is why it’s so important for sales, marketing and purchasing to be fully integrated in the packaging design and purchasing process to ensure products and reputations are protected and indeed promoted.”


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