Packaging is a key part of many business operations and can often be integral in keeping productions flowing freely and meeting targets.

We often find that many businesses have used the same packaging solution for many years and don’t really know where to start to make improvements from both an efficiency perspective and a sustainability one.

Common challenges faced by our prospective customers include….

Having a corrugated solution that may no longer be fit for purpose.

Experiencing an increased level of returns of damaged product.

A desire to ensure packaging streams become fully recyclable.

Whatever the challenge, we find when carrying out packaging audits for potential customers or existing customers that are expanding their product range, we more often than not find a solution that solves the challenge and optimises your packaging supply.

Sharon Garner, Director, Red Rose Packaging commented; “The list of what we take into consideration varies so much that it would be impossible to document them, as every customer has unique requirements.  

“What this does show is our experience in creating packaging solutions that are fully optimised to maximise the benefits for our customers.

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