Packaging can play a large part in the supply chain and how product is moved through it. By choosing a packaging solution that both protects product and helps product navigate its way through the supply chain from manufacturer to end user, the benefits are considerable for all.

With a careful balance of functionality, practicality, and aesthetics a tailor-made corrugated packaging solution can make a significant difference to the user experience, stock control and warehouse management.


By integrating bar codes, QR codes and product information, Warehouse Management Systems, and the teams that operate them, can easily locate the correct products and volumes thereof. This can help with stock rotation and minimise wastage. Furthermore, the sustainability of corrugated means that company CSR goals and recycling targets can be met much more easily.


A box that is practical and designed to suit the product perfectly can minimise costly damages and product returns. Whether it is being moved within the same facility or navigating its way across global shipping channels, the correctly designed and specified solution will pay dividends.


Ensuring the packaging is fit for purpose doesn’t mean that it must be visually unattractive. Company logos, product information, marketing information, and instructions can all be designed into the packaging to ensure the perfect balance of both.

When it’s done right, packaging can have a very positive impact on the supply chain and the efficiency of warehouse operations.

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