As one of the most versatile packaging materials available, corrugated offers endless possibilities to businesses looking for packaging solutions.

From furniture to fairy cakes, electrical items to engineering parts, the Red Rose team has created a wide variety of corrugated solutions to cater for a wide variety of businesses. 

Here are some reasons why your business should be considering corrugated…

  • Strength and Stability – Boxes made from corrugated material can offer impressive strength and stability. They act as a strong shell to cushion and protect your product in a way that other packaging solutions may not be able to provide.
  • Recycled and Recyclable – Corrugated is made from at least 80 % recycled material and is fully recyclable once used. It is a great way to improve your carbon footprint and adhere to Corporate Social Responsibility expectations.
  • Versatility – There is a wide variety of board types available under the corrugated umbrella, meaning there will most likely be something to package and protect your product whatever it may be.
  • Brand Individuality – There are many ways to personalise corrugated packaging solutions to cater for your brand. Whether it’s a full-on point of sale solution, or branded transit boxes, we can find a solution that works.
  • It offers an alternative – Corrugated can easily offer a replacement for many unsustainable, non-recyclable and non-renewable packaging options, such as polystyrene and single-use plastic. Its versatility means we can often adapt corrugated into a suitable and sustainable alternative which works for your business.
  • It has experience – And so do we! Corrugated has been tried and tested for years and our team has years of experience in developing packaging solutions that really deliver.
  • It satisfies customers – From ours to yours, customers like packaging that is recyclable and sustainable, not to mention solutions that which will protect their product well. Corrugated provides buyers with a satisfying and reliable transportation and unboxing experience which we work hard to curate and deliver successfully. 

Corrugated is a material which continues to grow in popularity due to the variety of benefits it offers to buyers, manufacturers, consumers, and the environment. 

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