Sustainable packaging continues to be a bit of hot topic for all packaging procurers and purchasers as they seek ways to eradicate non-recyclable packaging materials from their packaging streams.

Now, corrugated has been around for a long time. It is believed that it was first produced in 1894 but two gentlemen in the US – Robert Thompson and Henry Norris and at the time it was hailed as a great innovation, reducing storage space and weight when compared with the wooden crates that it was designed to replace.

Fast forward a hundred years or so and the benefits of corrugated are not that much different now.

From a sustainability perspective, corrugated continues to be a top choice for companies who wish to make their packaging streams more recyclable, reduce the carbon footprint of the business, use packaging that makes it easier for the customer or end user to recycle and meet the most robust of CSR and ESG policies.

This means that the team at Red Rose Packaging works with its customers to develop the best packaging ideas to meet and balance business and customer requirements.

Our skilled design team, who understand the capabilities and possibilities of corrugated as a diverse packaging material, can advise on everything from practical design, aesthetic appeal, minimising material usage and replacing other materials such as polystyrene or plastic with paper-based innovation.

Sharon Garner, Director at Red Rose Packaging commented; “This concept, of developing fully recyclable packaging solution is not new to us, however we recognise that it is new for many businesses as they aim to increase their sustainability goals.

“Our experience in developing packaging solutions for everything from sweets to showers and our ‘Design to protect, design to promote’ approach gives us the experience and know how to ensure your packaging solution is as sustainable as possible.”

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