We know we are a little biased but corrugated is superb packaging material that gives businesses the ability to have sustainable, robust packaging solutions that are on brand and form part of the customer journey.

Here are ten reasons why corrugated should be the packaging material of choice!

  • It’s made from at least 85% recycled material
  • It’s 100% recyclable
  • A range of board grades and types gives unrivalled flexibility
  • It allows a range of printing options
  • It can be designed to support specific requirements
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s customisable
  • Versatility allows bespoke solutions to be created
  • It’s supports CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policies due to its environmentally friendly status
  • It’s cost effective when compared with some other packaging materials

All things considered corrugated supports businesses and their operations in so many ways.

For our team it’s about using this preferred packaging material and designing and manufacturing award winning packaging solutions that bring tangible benefits for our customers.

Paul Barnes, Design Manager, commented; “An increasing number of customers are seeking out sustainable packaging solutions and are often surprised when they understand how flexible & versatile corrugated is.”

“It’s not just about creating transit cases – although we’re adept at this; it’s about utilising our design, manufacturing and printing capabilities to provide our customers with bespoke corrugated packaging solutions that achieve their business objectives.”

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