Product damage is something that no business wants.

Costly, inconvenient, and having the potential to have a negative impact on a business’s brand and reputation, it something that needs to be avoided wherever possible.

And, whilst there are many factors that can cause product damage including faulty materials, a correctly designed packaging solution can alleviate some, or all, of the product damage typically associated with day-to-day operations and stock movement.

 Costing UK businesses millions of pounds each year, preventing product damage when it leaves the safety of your warehouse until it gets to the end user, is essential to ensure working relationships and partnerships are not damaged too.

Eliminating those risks by choosing the right packaging and the right partner to deliver the solution can, in the long run, be a very wise move.

Having a packaging solution that reduces product damage means that:

  • It is designed to fit your product perfectly thereby eliminating all, or most, of product movement during transit
  • It can eliminate non or hard to recycle materials from packaging supply streams, ticking those sustainability boxes as well
  • It can be designed to suit the way that the packs will be handled either manually, or through automated systems
  • It can be designed so that it is easy to pack and, more importantly, simplified to reduce the opportunity for error


Katie Whitehead, Sales Director, Red Rose Packaging, commented; “At Red Rose Packaging, we listen to our customer’s requirements so that we fully understand how your product is handled, at all times throughout the supply chain. This means we create the best designs to maximise product protection and minimise environmental impact, thus reducing damaged product costs and wastage for our customers.”

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