The capabilities of corrugated are endless.

In addition, to being a sustainable and environmentally responsible packaging material, its strength and versatility can also serve as a useful replacement to non-recyclable packaging materials.

We look at some of the common replacements we have made, and the way in which it has helped our customers.

Wooden pallet solutions

Depending upon the weight of the packaging solution, and the way that it will navigate its way through the onward supply chain, heavy duty corrugated pallets can provide a superb alternative to wooden ones.

Easier to recycle and replace, should damage occur, they can be tailor made to suit a variety of products.

Furthermore, bespoke pallet boxes give a fantastic composite solution to support the supply chain, warehouse requirements and simplistic loading of product in a simple, integrated solution.

Void fill

Whether it’s paper, plastic air bags, or bubble wrap, void fill can easily be replaced in one of two most common ways.

For boxes that are packed with goods where the outer packaging is too large, bespoke packaging that is designed to size and purpose, can eliminate the need for any further void fill packaging.

Or, for products that are protected by additional packaging material, to perhaps prevent movement of the product within the pack, outer boxes can be complemented by expertly designed internal fittings or dividers which are proven to provide unrivalled product protection.

Plastic bag packaging

Consumer demands can have significant impacts on a business, and an increasing number of customers are choosing ecommerce and mail order companies that ship their products in sustainable material.

Corrugated boxes for ecommerce and online retail can be easily designed so that packing in the warehouse or dispatch centre can be simple and fuss-free, eliminating the need for plastic mail bags which the end user finds hard to recycle. Corrugated can simply be placed in most kerbside recycling in the UK.

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