We often meet customers for the first time who are experiencing a range of challenges when it comes to the packaging that they choose and use.

We take a look at the five most common challenges and what we do to solve them.

Making it fit for purpose – The beauty of our packaging is that it is designed specifically to a brief to ensure product is protected, the brand is well represented and that all materials used are 100% recyclable.

Eliminate fresh air – If you ship goods through the supply chain, ‘fresh air’ is costly. In addition, it  can be damaging to products. If products have room to move, the risk of damage increases as products can move about inside the packs. Similarly, space within packs is expensive, as fewer products can be shipped, or fewer packs loaded onto a vehicle. By correctly designing packs that eliminate fresh air, customers can reap the benefits.

Choosing the correct board – Using a board grade that is not fit for purpose can be one of the most damaging to product and brand reputation. Choosing the correct board needs experience and knowledge and a clear understanding of every element of the process from packaging assembly to product packing, to storing, shipping, and opening.

Sustainability – An ever-increasing number of companies, businesses, and consumers what to have packaging that is made from sustainable materials and is recyclable. Corrugated or paper-based packaging is the only material that supports both. And, because of the flexibility and versatility of corrugated, when used by experienced, professional designers, hard to recycle or non-recyclable materials can often be replaced by corrugated with complete success.

Product damage – When high levels of product damage are being experienced, it’s often easy to blame the packaging. However, if that packaging has not been correctly designed to support the product within the pack, challenges can arise. To protect your brand reputation, in addition to your product, sourcing the right packaging for all your entire range is essential.

Katie Whitehead, Director, Red Rose Packaging added; “These are just some of the most common challenges that we see, and all are easily tackled by our expert team.

“Perhaps the most over-arching message is that corrugated packaging can bring so many benefits to all elements of business operations, the supply chain and the consumer or customer experience. All you need to achieve this, is a great packaging team to support you.”

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