Promotional packaging can be a superb tool in elevating your brand, drawing attention to your products in crowded retail environments and increasing sales.

Ideal for ongoing products sales campaigns, or for seasonal or one-off campaigns, packaging can be designed to communicate key messages, product information and elevate your brand.

With a range of options available we look at the ways our team can support you with your sales and marketing activities and campaigns, through cleverly designed packaging.

Free standing display units (FSDUs)

These floor standing units can be positioned anywhere in store for maximum impact. They can be designed to fit standard footprints, can lock to bespoke pallets, or we can incorporate the pallet into the design. Available filled or flat packed, we can adapt the solution to fit each customers requirements.


Counter top display units

These smaller displays are ideal for those smaller products or sales literature. Positioned on counters they are perfect for raising your brand profile, increasing your sales and positioning your product right in front of your customers, ideal for encouraging impulse purchases.

Shelf Ready Packaging (SRP)

Whilst SRP can be purely utilitarian it can also integrate into marketing campaigns with different designs and eye-catching print. With perforations for easy access, this type of packaging supports stores in making products easily accessible for consumers.

Dump bins

Like Free Standing Display Units, they can be designed in all shapes and sizes and are a great option if your packaging budget is tight. The design may be simple, but the impact can be high. They give a great opportunity for flamboyant print and with header cards to complement the main bin, header cards can be easily interchanged to reflect changes in price etc.


Katie Whitehead, Sales Director, Red Rose Packaging commented; “Promotional packaging can be a great sales tool and utilised to great effect, raising brand awareness, and increasing sales. It delivers superb success for a range of products from small ticket items, to seasonal products that consumers purchase often as a direct response to the visibility of the packaging.”

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