Every customer’s requirements are different and we work with each customer to develop a tailor made packaging solution.

However, we do get some questions that are asked more frequently, especially for customers that are choosing corrugated as their preferred packaging material for the first time.

Here’s a few questions that we get asked more frequently…

Is it really fully recyclable?

Yes. 100%.

I’ve heard reference made to single, double, and triple wall …. What does that mean?

It refers to the way the board is made and the strength it gives. Single wall is the most common and is made up of a single fluted middle between two outer sheets; double wall has two fluted sections sandwiched between three liners giving it more strength. And, you have guessed it. Triple wall is even stronger and has three flutings and four liners.

Do you design a box to suit my product?

Yes, of course. It’s not just about standard boxes, although we are great at manufacturing them! We also excel at creating bespoke solutions. This helps us to give you a solution that protects your product and can in many situations often negate the need for any other, less environmentally friendly packaging materials.



What type of print can I have?

We can adapt clients artwork to each individual packaging design and choose the process most suited to each individual solution.

Can you look at what I already have and see if it can be improved?

Absolutely. We carry out full packaging audits for many customers and often find ways of reducing material, increasing pallet yield, or simply removing non-recyclable materials through our innovative corrugated solutions. And, as we’re part of the renowned Logson Group, we’ve got a great support network bringing additional capabilities, capacity, and reassurance, should it be required.


How are my boxes made?

Red Rose Packaging has a variety of different machines that allow us to offer different ways of manufacturing. All involve trained and skilled staff, which means that we can offer a range of services to manufacture your packaging to the highest standards. This involves die-cutting, case making, multi point gluing, hand finishing, printing, sample making, CAD design utilising the latest software and cutting tables, and efficient methods of palletising, despatching, and delivering your boxes to you.


Our team are on hand to answer any questions that you may have, and to support you with all your packaging requirements.

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